We Got Our Frugal Daughter a Party Bus for Her Wedding and She Really Liked It

Our daughter is very smart and very frugal. I would guess that she will be able to retire very early in her career. She will work doing what she enjoys, but she is so good with money that she will not have to worry about debt. When she was getting married, she found ways to make the event beautiful at a very low cost. We told her we were okay with costs, but she said we could spend the savings on future grandkids. We did not tell her that we did hire a party bus from Platinum. She would not have allowed us to cover the cost of the expense, even though you can rent them for quite a reasonable rate.

Our daughter made her own centerpieces and other decorations for the reception. She worked along with her groom and us to set up the reception hall prior to her wedding day. She worked all day Thursday setting up the place for her Saturday reception. We were worried she was going to be worn out because she works a full time job too. She said she could get some relaxation in during her honeymoon. We did not tell her about the party bus until Friday. She gave us her usual talk on how we should have not spent the money, but she was very happy when she saw the bus the next day. She was very happy that the whole wedding party was able to ride together in comfort. She thought everyone would have to take their own cars to the reception from the ceremony.

The buses they use for party buses are really nice. You are not cramped inside them. There is room to stand up, move around and even dance if you are using them for a bachelor or bachelorette party. It was money well spent as far as we are concerned.