Travel Guide to Palermo

Travel Guide to Palermo

The city of Palermo is often a historic town with a lot of ruins and historical buildings that create elegance and puzzle to the place. This capital city of Sicily is known for its abundant history, traditions, cuisines, and architecture. The people, just like the town itself, are highly warm to guests in addition to their fervor are often transmissive. The city’s prosperous Mediterranean sights and sounds continue enticing tourists from all over the world. The many naked statues inside the famous Pretoria Fountain in the Piazza Pretoria transform it into a favorite tourist attraction. The traditional square Quattro Canti is acknowledged for its electrifying structures inside town much like the Palazzo dei Normanni.

You will see a great deal of close-by destinations to the town. If you would like to try out the bizarre and frightful, look at the scary Capuchin burial grounds found underneath the Capuchin priory where it houses over 800 preserved or embalmed cadavers that appear so real. These cadavers line the walls, well, being a macabre decoration. Many nervous spirits, based on witnesses, still ramble this burial place. Sleeping Beauty is regarded as the famous cadaver over these catacombs, a 2 years old girl named Rosalia Lombardo.

Of course, your vacation on the puzzling Palermo is probably not complete without a trip on the beach on the north coast where one can relax in Mondello resort to also see chic villas, palms trees, crystal blue waters, and majestic mountains views of Mount Pellegrini and Cape Gallo. If you’d like a nature adventure, the Capo Gallo National Park is close by. You can also locate great cafes and eateries near the city with simply amazing local and global dishes. Other great locations where you have to visit while in Palermo are the Galleria Regionale which can be the largest art museum inside the city which is housed in a beautiful 15th-century building referred to as the Gothic Palazzo Abbatellis, the puppetry art of Marionette Museum, the stunning Monreale Cathedral, the aristocratic home Palazzo Mirto, the Regional Archaeological Museum, the Roman ruins in Solunto, along with the underwater city and landscape of fossilized black lava called the Ustica.


The city of Palermo in Sicily experiences a coastal or Mediterranean climate that displays mild and wet winter seasons and hot and dry summer days and nights. The places near mountainous regions are cooler. Snowfall is normal in the winter months. Palermo is the warmest city in Sicily with plenty of bright and summer temperatures each year.


Sicily is often a famous mafia territory inside the early nineties. In reality, it is often a famous country in mafia movies. Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone, two anti-mafia judges, died from the mafia inside the nineties and therefore the Falcone-Borsellino airport was specialized in them. The airport is much more popularly referred to as Palermo world airport. The town carries a metro train line system that maintains 2 lines, the Metropolitana di Palermo. Other kinds of public transports in Palermo include buses, auto hires, and taxis.