Travel Guide to Majorca – A Top World Tourist Attraction You Don’t Want to Miss

Travel Guide to Majorca - A Top World Tourist Attraction You Don't Want to Miss

Over the recent past, Majorca has emerged as a popular destination for families investigating spending quality time outside the hustle-bustle at work life. For people visiting Spain for the first time, Majorca is essential to visit a destination that offers scenic beauty, architectural splendors and a journey back in history. For beach lovers, Majorca may be the ultimate location to be in. Sunny beaches, temperate climate and very long periods of sand captivate travelers arriving at this part of the world. Some with the most popular beaches include Palma Nova, Puerto Pollenca, Magaluf, and Alcudia.

Although beaches are the biggest attraction for tourists visiting Majorca, you ought to stop led into thinking that Majorca offers just serenading beaches. There are some spectacular caves can be found across Majorca. Of these, the Caves of Drach situated near Portocristo provide you with the most incredible view of the onlookers. Children, in particular, enjoy seeing several chambers and several thousand stalactite formations lit up by artificial lights. Many tourists take a trip from the underground lake on the gondolier boat making the complete experience unforgettable.

Majorca won’t disappoint even those travelers who enjoy historical places and monuments a lot more than the lakes and beaches. The city of Palma is a particularly popular historical city that can take the visitors back to the Renaissance era. There are some truly magnificent churches which were built more than a century ago. These churches look grand with lights lit up and so tourists mostly prefer visiting these historical monuments in the evenings and nights. Another place a traveler to Majorca must never give a miss could be the Bellver Castle that’s built in the 14th century. It provides a spectacular view of the Bay of Palma that attracts countless travelers yearly. In all, Majorca is an ideal destination to relax and revel in amidst background and nature.