Top 5 Cheap Caribbean Holiday Locations

Top 5 Cheap Caribbean Holiday Locations
Top 5 Cheap Caribbean Holiday Locations

The Caribbean has long been the recreational area of the wealthy and the famed. Portraying magical images of palm trees, attracting blue waters, and shinny white sand beaches; the Caribbean has so much more to offer than this. Stifling forests, interesting wildlife, scrumptious food, mesmerising rhythms, lush green plantations, and surplus activities make the Caribbean a trip to heaven. Here anecdotes and stories of pirates, slavery and mutiny mingle with the new and current versatile ambience to savour and enjoy.

Each and every country at the Caribbean has its distinctive colour and flavour, which when unified together produces a wonderful world unto itself. The Caribbean Resorts not only offer the luxurious private islands, but also deluxe resorts at affordable prices. Varieties of accommodations are available here, offering different packages for hotels and tourism. However, today’s world is hit by recession and downfall of the economy. Going for a luxury holidays at such time is not an intelligent choice when people are bent upon saving their resources. Following is the list of top five affordable, low rates and deluxe resorts that are accessible at the Caribbean.

Barbados, will take you to an experience of fantastic nightlife and commercial exposure. Butterfly Beach Resort facing the ocean has coral reef, and lush tropical view that has one of the best beaches in Barbados. Sandy Bay Beach is the place where the young couples enjoy each others company, take pleasure in family time, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the provision of personal services which are easy on the pocket. The minimum charges are £559 and £619 each for seven nights respectively.

East Wind Inn and Royal by Rex Resort are budget friendly resorts of St Lucia, one of the prettiest islands with rainforests, remarkable beaches formed as a result of volcanic activities and the mountainous landscape makes the trip worth while.

Dominican Republic, the second largest Caribbean Island is embraced with heavenly beauty, crystal-clear waters and mangrove swaps. The rates are not fixed; they are subject to change according to the packages and the bargains of the customers. Breezes Puerto Plata and Dreams Punta are two low cost resorts offering casinos, spas, pool areas, and water sports for its tourists, in the Dominican Republic, a discovery by Christopher Columbus.

The exotic bird watching and tropical fish attracts many nature lovers and divers to Tobago, a relatively less developed island nestled to the south of the Caribbean. Tropikist Beach Hotel and Resort and Toucan Inn are within affordable range of £619 and £629 respectively.

Cuba, the largest island not only gives out high-end packages, but also recommends reasonable packages for holidays. Sevilla offering £619 for five nights and Saratoga that is situated in the heart of the city La Havana, costs a minimum package of £659 for seven nights

It is not enough to consider saving money only while choosing an affordable hotel and resort, but it is also recommended to opt for lower air fares and selecting a two star or three star hotel that can further reduce the over all expenditure of a satisfying holiday.