First Time in Florence, Tuscany – What You Can Feel on Your First Trip There!

First Time in Florence, Tuscany - What You Can Feel on Your First Trip There!
First Time in Florence, Tuscany - What You Can Feel on Your First Trip There!

Florence is not like any other city in the World, but words of this type don’t really communicate much, and each city has unique qualities, so I will submit such descriptions to vacation guides, who do a good job themselves.

Instead I will try and focus on true feelings.

First of all, you will go back in time, and it will not be told through things like “time-tunnels” that your children might experience on a historical day at a local rural house that specializes in re-creating medieval reality ( I enjoyed it too), no. Time travel will hit your face, because if you walk around downtown Florence, only the facade of clothing and shops has changed since the resurrection. The first and most important thing is, you walk around the museum that is alive and breathing.

The second good point to make is the fact that you can now walk around it! Unless your travel guide was written recently, one thing that has changed in the middle, is how you work around this. The whole city center is now a pedestrian, and this really makes a difference at its center. The extension of the pedestrian area along the high fashion road, Via Tornabuoni in 2011 makes this area of ​​the city the only person zone. That’s good because you always look at monuments when walking around Florence, and it’s very difficult to do this when you’re afraid of being hit by a “motorino” or worse, a bus! Now there isn’t, only the occasional taxi takes people to their hotel. That means that this summer, there will be more restaurants with their tables in the streets, beautiful!

Last words on price:

When you arrive in Florence, you will be impressed with the price. In the city center you can expect to pay up to one euro and fifty cents for a small bottle of water, and in the main square of Piazza della Signoria, coffee outside with a view will cost more than fifteen euros. But having said that, there are a number of times in your life when you need to take out your wallet and say, it’s true I will spend it on this holiday because this is a “once in a lifetime”, and that is something I can guarantee to be the right attitude to bring you back to the time of awakening.

I recommend luxury villas in Tuscany when you come to stay in this most amazing area. This means that you go to see the history of the day and then return to the beautiful Etruscan style to relax afterwards. What better way to relax then in a luxury villa with a swimming pool located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside!