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Air Sahara has offered discounts of up to 69 percent of normal air return rates, in sectors such as Delhi, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Delhi, Delhi, Hyderabad, Delhi, Delhi and Delhi-Bangalore-Delhi, provided they are booked 30 days before departure .

Under the scheme, the airline offers tickets back in the Delhi-Bangalore and Delhi-Chennai sectors from Rs 6666, while passengers who buy tickets back in the Delhi Hyderabad sector will be charged Rs 5555 and possibly the cheapest.

Likewise, passengers traveling in the Delhi-Mumbai Rath-Delhi Garib sector will be charged Rs 4444, while those who travel back in the Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Kolkata-Chennai sectors will be charged Rs 6666.

While Jet Airways has a 30-day advance purchase schedule, the fares are much higher. Passengers who book 30 days in advance and travel around the Delhi-Mumbai sector will be charged Rs 3450, while Air Sahara Garib Rath now plans to offer tickets back to passengers in the same sector as Rs 4444.

While IA has a 30 day booking fee in advance, the one-way booking rate for 21 days in the Delhi-Chennai sector is priced at Rs 4260. Indian Airlines and leading private players Jet Airways and Sahara Night announce new cutting rates which will come into force on January 9. IA tariffs for various national sectors and will be as follows:

Cheap plane tickets in the Delhi-Mumbai sector: Ticket prices for economy class Rs today. 7530 will be Rs. 6575 and the D-21 tariff for the new peak is Rs. 3. 250, compared to the current 21-day peak rate of Rs. AC 3705 and first train ticket Rs. 4435. Delhi-Bangalore Sector: Current level of Rs. Reduced to Rs 10,895. 9500 and the new D-21 reduction fee is Rs. 4635 to the current R bit rate.

Delhi-Chennai Sector: Current Rs economy class ticket prices. Reduced to Rs 11,215. 9780 and new node (Value D-21) Rs. 3940 to the current R bit rate. CA 4500 and the first train ticket Rs. 5570. Delhi-Kolkata Sector: Current Rs economy class ticket prices. 8570 will be reduced to Rs. 7480.

Bombay-Calcutta Sector: Ticket prices in economy class are currently Rs. 8555 will be Rs. 7465. New vertex (Level D-21) Rs. 3940 against Rs. 4500.

Jet Airways says the new tariff for 30 days of advance purchase is Rs. 4372 in the Delhi-Bangalore sector,

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